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Merry Xmas to you...and more!
Posted On Friday, December 25, 2015

This year has been quite eventful, arguably the most eventful year of my life. A lot of good has happened and some bad too, but I prefer to see the bads as a much needed contrivance to burgeon and distend my abilities. Because in this life, there is no limit to one's ability and sometimes, only bad times can let you see that.

That being said, I want to take this time out to extend my ardent & most unfeigned gratitude to some people who has contributed to the events of this year - well, the ones worth remembering.

My new interest...
Posted On Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Like the old latin adage says "Tamdiu discendum est, quamdiu vivas", I have developed a new and strong interest in C++ & Java - on a personal level. It's really no big deal as I am already used to working with so many bunch of codes in PHP... My point is that you don't have to freak out next time you see C++ codes on my blog. I will also try to keep up with writing tips on web development.

Happy coding - for you and I!

Newbie Console Calculator with C++ Classes

Ok, the classes story seems to be running everyone crazy. Here is a teeth bite of the much you can do with classes... If you are interested, you can  go through the code and try new values for yourself. Classes are not that difficult after all!

Simple Paypal Fee Calculator with C++

Here is a simple C++ program that will output how much you get when you charge certain amount on Paypal and how much you should charge to get a particular amount.

Program Details

This program was written with Code Block IDE/compiler. Paypal charges 2.2% + $0.30 of every payment you receive.

For the Indomie Generation: What really happened between Nigeria vs. India in a football match

Ok Anthony, this story is so real that we argued over the nature of Samuel Okparaji's death. Some said he was pinned to the air and others said he made the cross sign and died instantly but overall, this is one of the best lie on earth. It should be preserved and passed down from one generation to the other, like, the story of Santa Claus and all the religious fairy tales we adore. And for all Nigerians who did not have the pleasure of hearing this legend, here is what happened in a football match between Nigeria and India, years before your fathers were born.

Many have heard about this match. Some think it’s an urban legend. Some think it’s only a joke. But only few know the truth. - A long time ago, few months after the end of the Nigeria-Biafra war, the Military Governor of Lagos decided to stage an exhibition match at the then glorious National Stadium Lagos. He thought it would be a special way of celebrating Nigeria’s victory in the war, a way of helping Lagosians to forget the sad bloody years that had just passed. He wanted to stage the match between Nigeria & Ghana but was advised against it. His advisers reminded him how Ghana trashed Nigeria 3-Nil at the 1960 Independence Match, that another loss to Ghana might defeat the purpose of the exhibition match.

Cheap Domain Name- Register a .COM Domain Name for $1.49
Posted On Thursday, October 2, 2014

Today is a great day for every website owners or intending website owner. Godaddy is offering you a chance to own your own domain space for just $1.49. Same price for a cup of coffee or a loaf of sliced bread :)

To setup your domain name now, follow this link. It's only for a limited time, so you might want to act very fast and move away from that blogspot.com domain name.

My Promo

Yesterday happens to be my country's 54th anniversary but I didn't get wish you all a great anniversary. To compensate for that irresponsibility, I will setup a Blogger  (Blogger.com) custom domain name for the top 10 commentors on this post

Have fun and happy 54th anniversary!

This code will add a nofollow attribute to external pages on your website
Posted On Saturday, September 27, 2014

I found out that Spammers has turned one my website into their hub. So, I came up with this code to discourage them from posting on my site and also remain on the good side of Google. The code will automatically attribute a rel="nofollow" to all the external anchor tags on your website.

Perfect code to redirect a website to a different page on load

Even though I expect codes like this to be very popular among webmasters, I still feel I should share this here with you. It's a simple code to redirect a landing page to another page or website.

About Nairatrain News Aggregator & Android App
Posted On Thursday, September 25, 2014

So last week, I made yet another Android app with ApyYet and yet another community site with the Oxwall software and it is called Nairatrain. Contrary to what the title suggests, Nairatrain is not a web application rather it is an Android app with a web version.

Nairatrain can be used to follow soccer updates, transfer news and live scores or see the latest celebrity news, music, vidoes and TV shows. Outside being entertained, you can also read latest technology news on Nairatrain and get great tips and how-to(s) including how to prepare any Nigeria dish you have dreamed of making .

The mobile app and it's web version is designed to help you keep tracks on the rants, talks, and gossips buzzing around you using an aggregator to syndicate contents from over 100 websites in Nigeria and four other websites outside Nigeria. Each website content is categorized under a matching keyword (e.g: Stories from LindaIkeji's Blog is likely to be found under entertainment news or celebrities).

Nrelate Widget for Websites, Forums and Blog
Posted On Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nrelate provides you with a service that delivers related contents from your website on every page they are placed. The plugin is currently available in all platform. I will provide the setup link for each of the platform.

If there are other things you wish to know about Nrelate Widgets do not hesitate to leave a comment on the comment section.

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