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The Half Picture of Ebnezer Obasi - The CEO, Elites World Technology

By looking at this page alone, most of you can tell that I'm a web developer, others who has encountered me on +ELITES WORLD TECHNOLOGY  can confirm that I'm a writer who loves sharing ideas related to internet and technology. But I doubt if any of you has seen the full picture of what I look like - The kinds of food I eat, my interests and the kind of life I lived in the past.

Below this section lies the full image of who I am: The good and the bad, My most kept secrets, My passion and the vision of who I want to become. I am going to leave a jump-break on this line, if you have no interest in reading about my dirtiest moments, kindly click here to return to the homepage.

The Image...

The fact that you have crossed the line above, gives me the freedom to say whatever I deem right, with the confidence that you won't get offended... For a start, lets take a look at the picture I took from my corner on my 19th Birthday. It's a couple of years back but I haven't changed one bit ☻ even my Facebook friends can confirm that.

Full Image of Ebenezer Obasi - CEO, Elites World Technology
Personal Details:
- Full Name: Ebenezer Uwazie Obasi
- Birthday:  (02/11)
 - Marital Status: Single
Skin Color:  Dark - Hair Color: Black
Contact Details:
- Nationality: Nigeria - City: Bonny, Rivers State - Post Address:  #22 King William Dappa Pepple Rd, Bonny, Rivers State, Nigeria.
- Postal Code: 503001 - Tel: (+234) 08131923975
In West Africa is a Nation with the highest human population in Africa (over 166.2 million people as of 2012), 7th in the world and arguable the most religious country on earth. In the eastern south of this country is a small community, mostly Christians, seemly business minded population and often called Igbos. That is where I come from and I am proud of it!

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As a matter of passion, I am a blogger and web developer. But outside these two, it might alarm you to know that I'm also a crazy soccer fan...  A +Real Madrid C.F. fan to be honest, I also enjoy watching matches played in the English Premier League, especially those involving +Manchester United and +Chelsea Football Club. I hate the international break as well ☻ but I often try to make up for the boring moments by reading +Brian Gardner's Blog.  Since I'm not the 'hanging out' type of guy, I value every little moment I spend with my friends, even those I met on Facebook and G+.

About 3rd Planet Techie

3rd Planet Techie is an international Information Technology consultant company with years of experience in application development and infrastructure management. Our professional team has in-depth expertise in such key technologies as Java, PHP, .Net as well as profound knowledge of network structure that suite your business. 3rd Planet Techie team of tech-savvy specialists has successfully delivered numerous projects to our valuable customers and partners from different part of the world. Our company offers full-cycle development services from business analysis, software design and prototyping to development, QA services, post-project maintenance and support.

Meet Obasi Miracle - CEO 3rd Planet Techie

Obasi Miracle & Younger Bro - The A-Z About Me
I have four siblings, 3 guys and 1 girl. The guy on the right happens to be one of them - My immediate elder brother.

+Obasi Miracle  is the CEO of 3rd Planet Techie.  Since its establishment in 2009, the team has been able to enlarge it's portfolio across the globe. I am a core member of the team since 2011 and we offer services such as:


Web portals, e-commerce applications, data management systems, web content development.


Procurement, installation, administration, operational support, LAN/WAN design, integration


Network design, integration, deployment, and testing, Network Engineering, Integration and Installation, Network management

Our Vision...

One of our biggest goals is to be the leading specialist in the world of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) that offers dynamic services and specialized support; we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions and services to all form of businesses and to focused strategic consulting services to enterprises.
We always want to improve and have something new to offer - We put our clients first!

Our Mission

At 3rd Planet Techie, we aim at ensuring that we have a complete understanding of business infrastructure and budgetary requirements. To help our clients to reduce expenses, streamline operations and ensure business continuity by listening to our clients' needs, being flexible and available, adapting our new and cutting-edge technologies and global best practices to our clients' specific environment.
Note: This page is still undergoing improvement, check later for more contents. Cheers ☻

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