Css Oxwall Sign-In Button with Hover Effects

Here is a cool trick to add a cute Sign-in Button with hover effects to your oxwall join page….

Though the post is a bit shot but quite a handy one, give it a viz..

  • Copy the following code into your custom css (i.e Admin dashboard=> Appearance=>  Edit Theme=> Css) or your base.css in /ow_themes/theme/base.css.
  • Click save

Replace http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-xQFGK2TlsmQ/UbQBnwiZyaI/AAAAAAAACD0/eo19wPy-z6Y/s1600/SignIn1.png  &  http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ev6V8hKP31Y/UbQBn1JhHfI/AAAAAAAACEA/n5CyvHT8Les/s1600/SignIn2.png with your custom images.

    • Goto back your admin dashboard=> Settings=> Languages.
    • Search for

    Join our fast-growing community. Find new friends, date up, share photo and video. Enjoy!

      or any text you have used to replace it.

    • Just below it paste the following code:
    • Save and Enjoy!

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