Customize Your Oxwall Join Page: Facebook Look (Oxwall 1.7)

It’s no longer news that Oxwall has released a new platform update 1.7. As usual, our developers are set to update existing Oxwall mods while working or new ones. We have also created an outlet where you can download our premium mods and plugins at a fair affordable rate.
In this article we are focusing on improving the Oxwall join page customization that we first introduced in 2013. We have also continued the use of CSS in place of tables like we did in the 1.6 version.
Note: If you need a sign-in page or registration page that is similar to Facebook’s, you can simply purchase the Facebook Clone Plugin and customize it to your taste. It’s safer to use because the pages will not be affected by platform update.

What’s New?

  • Cleared Floats: Some of our readers complained to us via email that items added directly under the reg-contents doesn’t fit in so well. We have fixed the CSS issue in this mod. You can learn more about clearing floats here.
  • Fit Join Form: If you noticed in our previous mods, the join form only occupies 75% of the reg-contents, resulting to hidden contents in the join form. We have added a simple tweak to make sure the join form stays at 100%.
  • ExtraTime: If you need additional changes on the registration page or any other page on your Oxwall site, you can now get our developers to do it for you, for just $40 per hour. See our pricing page.


Here are some important customization you need to make before applying this code on your website.

Replace Images

In this code you will find to the one below). Replace this sections with your images. You can delete an entire line if you don’t want to use an image in that section.

<img src='' /&gt

Customize Paragraphs

<p>Some Contents Here</p>
Defines a new paragraph. Replace Some Contents Here with your own words or delete the entire line if you wish not to write anything.

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