Dragon Mobile – Your New Blogging Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant is a mobile app that converts your speech into readable texts. With the application, you can call your phonebook contacts simply by calling the person’s name.The nuance’s powerful voice recognition gives you full command and control of your mobile device so you can accomplish tasks quickly and easily.

Of course, Dragon Mobile Assistant is nothing new in terms of mobile technology but the concept of making the most of it as a blogger is a whole new idea. The free smartphone app help bloggers to blog and communicate on the social media even while driving.

Outside blogging, Dragon Mobile Assistant can be used by virtually everyone. Some of its features includes:

  • Get Help: “What can you do?”
  • Checking Weather: “What’s the weather today?” 
  • Time keeping: “What time is it in Tokyo?”
  • Check Calender: “Set up a meeting with Leah Hurley tomorrow at 2 PM.” or “What’s my agenda like tomorrow?” 
  • Typing Text: “Text Jon I’ll be there in five minutes.”
  • Make a phone call: “Call Ashley on her mobile.”
  • Search the web: “Find me a pub in Boston.” or “Show me a picture of a baby elephant.”
  • Chat online: “What do you like to do?” or “What’s the meaning of life?”
  • Launch applications: “Open calculator.” or “Open Angry Birds.”
  • Maps and navigation: “What’s the best way to Seattle, Washington?”
  • Used media contents: “Play Bruno Mars.”
  • Send email: “Email Rachel, Subject: Let’s plan for the meeting tomorrow.”
  • Use social media: Update Facebook or Twitter – “Send out a new Tweet, What a finish to the game!”
  • Location sharing: “Tell Nancy where I am.” or “Where’s Dave?”
  • Read back: Dragon can read back your incoming text messages and you can then reply hands-free
  • Attentive Mode: Turn this feature on to be able to wake up Dragon at anytime – even when your device is in lock screen or asleep! Just say “Hello Dragon (and your command)” and Dragon will wake up and return what you asked for.
Unfortunately, Dragon Mobile Assistant is only available on Android devices. You can download it from the Google Play Store by clicking on the download button below.

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