How to Enable Dev Mode in Oxwall

Oxwall uses Smarty template engine for html compilation and caches various section of the software, such as the database and static files. Static files are specifically stored in the /ow_static/ folder.

In essence, changes you make on static files or template files will not appear in real time. The role Smarty plays in Oxwall is very crucial as it aids in efficient template management and seperate the role of developers and designers. However, at other times it can really turn out to be a pain in the neck when you are trying to deal with some custom code modifications.

Now this is what I mean: You just finished reading one of my fine Oxwall tutorials, (let’s say “Add Adsense code within oxwall forum topics“) and you found out that your code didn’t work, there is no need to panic, your dev mode wasn’t enabled.

In this tutorial, I will try to the best of my profession to explain to you how you can enable dev mode in oxwall. Do not forget to bookmark this page for future reference.
 How to Enable my Dev_Mode?
 Well, I won’t be surprised if I find you asking this question; it was hell for me at the beginning and I expect same from every newbie.
 In my “beginner” days there was only one way of doing this and that is through your cpanel but luckily for everyone there are now two ways (cpanel & plugin) of achieving the same result, of which we shall discuss them here and leave you with the option of going the way you find convenient.
Via the Cpanel
 This method is quite stressful and most time you might even forget to revert your changes which will result in slowing down your site load time and make your website vulnerable to hackers.
Users with cpanel or using a code editor can follow the following steps:
  • Login to your cPanel account.
  • Browse to the directory ow_includes in your oxwall installation path.

  • Open config.php file in the Edit mode.
  • At the end of the file, find the following constant OW_DEV_MODE
  • Now change the values from false to true.



Before you enable dev mode
This is how your code should appear before you edit them


After you enable dev mode
This is how your code will appear after you have enabled dev mode


  • Save your changes.

Once you are done with your activities, remember to change the value back to false like in the first image.

Using a Plugin…..

Guys, I must admit that this was a total revolution in my life, just sit back and watch it go all in one click from my admin panel, it is all thanks to Roderick for introducing the cache cleaner extreme plugin that made life easier for you and me.

How does it work?

Well, compared to what we had seen in the past, it works like magic (all in one click) right from your admin panel.

  • Simply download the Cache Cleaner Extreme from the store.
  • Install and activate the plugin.
  •  Now go to
  • When you are done with your activities, simply click on “clean it up”



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