How to set your Oxwall Sign-in Page as Landing Page without Turning off Guest View

In our past tutorials we have talked about how to make your Oxwall join page appealing to both you and your users. What about those die-hard twitter lovers who will rather have their visitors see the sign-in page first before any other pages of the website?

Assuming you have just customized your sign-in page like the image above with a ‘register’ banner pointing to your join page and you want that page to be first thing your users see when they visit your website (landing page). There are two ways to achieve that: The Oxwall way and the EWT way!

Oxwall Way

The Oxwall way is the default method of locking out your guest visitors out of the entire website contents. This way, visitors who are not logged in will only be able to access the sign-in page. Since this method redirect guest back to the sign-in page when they follow an internal link, it is the ideal privacy setting if you don’t want non-registered members looking at your internal pages such as forum topics and blog post.

To activate this option, simply go to From the ‘Guests can view the site’ option box, select No and click save. If you log out and try visiting your website as guest, you will notice that you have been redirected to your sign-in page. Awesome, right?

What of if you want your guests to access other pages of your website with your landing page set to the sign-in page? Well, you have to do it the EWT way!

Note: If you need a sign-in page or registration page that is similar to Facebook’s, you can simply purchase the Facebook Clone Plugin and customize it to your taste. It’s safer to use because the pages will not be affected by platform update.

You can now download our free oxwall plugin to set your sign-in page as landing page without redirection. It is safer and easier to use.


This mod uses a simple meta refresh code to redirect guest to your sign-in page when they visit your homepage ( This method allows guests to access other pages of your website even while your landing page is the Sign-in page.

To proceed, follow the simply create a new static page on the main menu section by navigating to Click to find out more about creating and managing pages in Oxwall. Next, you will have to configure your page to look like the image below:

Page Title: Sign In
Menu Name: Sign In
Choose Local Page as your page address.
Visible For: Guest
Where you have Page meta tags, kindly copy and paste the code below:
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=" />

In the Page content box enter:

Welcome, click <a href="">here</a> if you are not redirected to the Sign-in page.

Replace with your website address and click the Save button.

Finally, go back to and drag the menu item (page) you have created to the first place in the main menu section.

Done? You are good to go, no further action is required. You may want to try loggin out to see if your changes worked for you.
Note:  ‘Guests can view the site’ option must be set to Yes if you want guest to access other pages of the website.
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