Meet Users – Oxwall Profile Discovery Game

Oxwall Profile Discovery Game add a new way to meet people and interact in your Skadate or Oxwall website.

Meet Users - Profile Discovery Game

Oxwall Profile Discovery Game Allows members to play profile discovery games. The game displays profile pictures on a widget were members can indicate that they are interested in a person by saying yes or no.

This is a fun way to connect your website users with people that interests them and also increase users engagement on your website.

The plugin is both available for mobile and desktop version and can be download directly from the Oxwall store or see demo here.

Oxwall Profile Discovery Game Requirements

  • In addition to having a stable version of Oxwall 1.8.0 (Skadate 11.1) and above, you are required to install the Oxwall Bootstrap plugin.
  • Oxwall Bootstrap plugin can be downloaded free on the Oxwall store

Profile Discovery Game Features

  •  This plugin creates ‘interest game’ widgets on your website index and dashboard pages.
  •  It will randomly display users from your website.
  • Members of your website can choose to meet a person or not.
  • Sends automatic message and notification to users your members show interest in.
  • Mobile Version Support
  • Styled profile link
  • Filter users by gender


  1. In your admin panel, go to Plugins -> Add and click the ‘Add New’ button.
  2. Upload your copy of you have purchased from the store.
  3. Go to Available Plugins, locate ‘Meet Users – Profile Discovery Game‘ and click ‘Install‘

Plugin Widget Settings

Admin can customize how the widget is rendered.

  • Limit number of users to show at a time.
  • Show or hide navigation buttons.
  • Enable and disable auto scroll.
  • Customize widget layout.

Multilingual support:

Profile Discovery Game is compatible with Oxwall localization and can be translated into several languages. This can be done directly from the Oxwall language settings page.