Top 40 Oxwall Plugins that Rocked our 2013

Alas it’s 2014! So I’m going to begin by wishing all the loyal readers, friends, clients and partners of EWT an extra-ordinary and happy new year.

The year 2013 is indeed a productive one as long as Oxwall community software is concern. The year has seen to the production of several themes, developers tools and tons of free and premium plugins. In this edition, we shall be looking at 40 most significant Oxwall plugins that rocked our year in 2013.

1. Smart Captcha

Smart Captcha came as relief for the ‘spammers oppressed’ Oxwall users when it was released back in April, 2013. The plugin lets you add customized captcha questions only humans can answer to your join page. In our article “Disable Spammers/Fake Registration in Oxwall” functions and configuration of Smart Captcha plugin was stated in details.

2. User Hint

When I first saw this plugin, I said to myself “this should be one of the Oxwall default core plugins’. Oxwall User Hint plugin is a free plugin that shows the profile summary of a user’s name when mouseovered.

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3. User Carousel

Show off your members with User Carousel. You can choose to show off your featured members, new registered member or members who recently logged in. The plugin can be used on both dashboard and index pages by default but a little customization will get it working on the profile pages as well.

4. Sitemap Generator

Sitemap Generator was innitially released on the 18 July, 2013 but it’s effectiveness  in 2013 has earned it a place in this listing. This plugin helps Google and other search engines index your pages more often. 

5. Instant Chat with video support

I wasn’t opportune to use this plugin in 2013 but base on a friend’s testimony, it certainly rocks. This Video version of Instant Chat plugin provides video support to your instant chat plugin.

6. Top Users

Enables users rating on your website. Top Users widget can also be used to show your most rated users in your profile, dashboard and index page. It is an engaing plugin that encourages users interactivity on your social network.

7. Cache Cleaner Extreme

Saves you the stress of enabling and disabling dev mod from the cpanel. Next time you make core changes, just hit the CLEAN IT UP! button and the plugin does the rest.

8. User Credits

Users can purchase credits from your website and use them for specified activities.

9. Hot List

Members will lose some credits to get on the hotlist. A good way of monetizing your website.

10. Mobile Plugin

Until January 8th, 2014 this remains the only mobile plugin in the Oxwall store. Though certain improvements has been made to the recent release, the plugin still fancies some major limitations. Pages are not redirected properly but as long as 2013 is concern, it has no competitor.

11. User Tagging

User Tagging makes it possible for members to tag other members in a comment or status update.

12. Country Flag

Oxwall by default does support values greater than 32 in the drop down options. This plugins create a new profile question ‘country‘ that appears both on the join page and the profile edit page. It also generate country flag base on the user’s country.

13. Cool CKEditor

The post editor that has it all: What you see is what you get plugin with fully enhanced features that will take your blog/forum section to a new level.

14. User Clear

Clear your inactive users and save yourself some space.

15. Photo Tags

Make your website social with the Photo Tags plugin. Your users can now tag their friends in a group picture

16. Catalog

17. TopLink

Place a custom menu on the console bar with menu icon.

18. External NoFollow

Of course spammers hate nofollow links as much as you hate them (spammers). This plugin will ensure that all the external link on your website has the rel=’nofollow’ attribute.

19. Profile Progress Bar

Encourage your users to fill in their profile information. Profile Progress Bar plugin will add widget to the user profile page indicating the percentage of information filled out by the user.

20. Video Viewer like Facebook, G+

21. Users Quick Search + Site Search

Members can easily search your website items from any page.

22. Favorites

Creates a new tab on the user profile page that lets members add other members as favorites.

23. My File Manager

Members can upload and manage files from their account.

24. Fundraising / Crowdfunding

Easy way to ask people to donate to your social network. Note: Paypal Billing or any other payment processor is requred for this plugin  to work.

25. Profile Cover

Each member can upload a cover picture. Quite similiar to that of Facebook and G+

26. Tiny Chat

Tiny Chat is a flash application that embeds text & video chat room on your website. The service is powered by A generic username is generated for each user and users can connect and chat with their Facebook friends directly from your website.

28. Extended Mass Mailing

Send internal and external mass message to users directly from your admin panel.

29. Smiles

Smiles plugin is one plugin everyone wanted to see in 2013 and so it did happen. The plugin adds simileys functionality to your website. While I think some improvements needs to be done especially for the events, video, photos and link pages, I can very well say that it rocked my 2013.

30. Avatar History

Avatar history creates a photo album (e.g. profile pictures) for each user and automatically adds cover pictures and avatars to the album each time a new photo is loaded.

31. Password Strength Meter

Help your users obtain a strong password with this Password Meter.

32. Photo Carousel

Show off you recent and featured photos with this carousel plugin.

33. Auto User Purge

Similiar to user clear; this utility keeps your website sane by automatically removing users who have inactive within a specified period of time.

34. Member Locations

This list will be incomplete if I do not metion a plugin that made my social network complete in 2013. Member Locations generate a location map for each user base on IP address. This location can be edited or changed by the user at any time. The plugin also adds a location map widget on the users profile page.

35. PayPal Billing

Paypal Billing plugin is just 1 example of the countless payment processors in the Oxwall store. It is used to process payment from your website.

36. Group Cover

Group owners/creators can add cover pictures to their groups.

37. Members Awards

Members receive awards for performing certain activities. This is the easiest method to keep your members busy all day.

38. Login As User

A useful plugin for website admins to properly investigate an issue. This plugin makes it possible for website admins to access a user’s account.

39. Photo Viewer like Facebook, G+

Like the name suggests, this is a photo viewer that doesn’t keep you in ‘no man’s land’.

40. Compose message + Groups and Events mass mailing

Adds the possibility of mass messaging among members.

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