Change the layout of your Oxwall blank templates

Oxwall platform has five different templates also known as master pages, assigned to control the appearance of various section and pages of the website. The sign-in page for instance, is controlled by the blank template while your dashboard is controlled by the general template.

Some of the other templates or master pages include:

  • Admin: This is the template used in your admin area. 
  • Blank: This template is used on various stand-alone pages on the Oxwall platform. It is the template used in the sign-in and forget-password pages of your website. The template only shows the content of a page and does not include header, footer, sidebar, menus, etc.
  • Dndindex: This master page is the template for your website index page (e.g. yourwebsite/index) it contains all the items in the general layout.
  • General: Apart from Dndindex and HTML_document, every other  page with a header, logo, footer, sidebar, etc are the products of the General master page.
  • HTML_Document: When you create a static page on the Oxwall platform the page automatically adapt it’s layout from the this template. Headers, logo, footer, etc is also displayed on this template.
From the above explanation, you might have noticed that the blank template is the only template that leaves your members in wonderland. There is no navigation menus, no header and certainly nothing to prove to your members that they are on the right website.
In this publication of Oxwall weekend, I will introduce you to an easy way of changing the layout of your blank pages.


From your Oxwall installation part, goto /ow_themes/master_pages

. Create a new file and save it as blank.html.

Of course, in this folder you should find general.html and dndindex.html. Since we are trying to have the same look as the rest of your pages on your website, we are going to copy everything in general.html to our new file blank.html.
Simply open general.html, select all content (ctrl + A) and copy (ctrl + C). Now, go back to blank.html and paste (ctrl + V) the entire content.
Finally, clear your cache and visit to confirm that your changes has taken place.

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