How To Customize Your Oxwall Join Page (Facebook Look) Updated!

Throughout last week I received bulks of PM from oxwall users asking me how I customized my Oxwall site. After replying to tons of pm I, decided to make the tutorial public and available to all my readers.

Of-course, this is nothing like the customized oxwall sign-in page I created much later but I bet is just as good. It’s also important that you note that the two pages can be used without conflicts.

I have been using this tweak for a while and I’m kind of comfortable with it, as it allows me to add icons to the main menu items in the front page.

Note: If you need a sign-in page or registration page that is similar to Facebook’s, you can simply purchase the Facebook Clone Plugin and customize it to your taste. It’s safer to use because the pages will not be affected by platform update.

If you have been thinking about how to customize your join page and make it unique, here is just the tweak for you. At first I never knew this was possible but after so many days of trying I was able to come up with this trick.

Screen Shot of My Oxwall Site
The steps are quite simple, just make sure to follow them correctly.

1. Split your Join Page Questions

Making your profile questions two steps will enable two step registration form for your oxwall site, hence, reducing the number of questions on each page.

The first page usually contains: Real Name. Email, Username, Password, Birthday and Gender, when a user clicks on continue it takes them to another page containing other profile questions.

How to split join page question to two steps

  • Login to your admin dashboard
  • Go to users, click on profile questions
  • Click on edit account types
  • Enter any name and click add new account type

  • Mouse over on the new account you have created and click edit
  • Clear the name and click save

Congrats! You have completed the first step.

2. Re-size your Website Canvas

Most Oxwall themes have a canvas width of 940px but to have a perfect Facebook looking front page your canvas width has to be a lot better than that.

Be sure to skip this part if you don’t want to re-size the width of your website

How to change your website canvas width

  • Login to your admin dashboard
  • Click on edit theme
  • Click on CSS
  • Now copy the following code and paste it in your custom CSS:

  • Click save and you are good to go.

3. Customize Join Page Contents 

This could be a bit tricky, but is totally safe. This is the place where you can customize your join page and add extra items.

How to customize your join page?

  • Login to your cpanel/ftp
  • Locate join_index.html in /ow_system_plugins/base/views/controllers
  • Copy and replace the entire content with the following code

Replace your join_index.html content with this code and replace YOUR IMAGE URL HERE with your preferred image.

Please Note that this code is only compatible with Oxwall 1.5.0 & Oxwall 1.5.1. Get other Oxwall Versions code here.

  • Save your code move to the next step.

4. Clear your Website Cache

If you are a regular Oxwall user, you should be familiar with the fact that nothing done from the cpanel reflects on the live-site if dev_mod is disabled, so we will have to enable it for a while and remember to disable it when you are done.

Follow the tutorial on How to Enable Dev Mode in Oxwall to enable your dev mode.

  • Finally, reload your website join page and leave a comment below.

Your site Should look like this.

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  1. I have followed the format for editing the join in page but no changes took place even after making true to dev mode.Please help me to solve this issue

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