How to Earn Money from Nrelate on Blogger

imageNrelate is a plugin popular among WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr users and blog owners. The plugin adds a related content widget box to blogs when installed (See how to install the Nrelate Widget on Blogger). Outside serving related contents from your blog to your readers, Nrelate can as well serve relevant contents from other blogs or website to your readers.

You won’t be asked to do this for nothing: Nrelate coverts impressions and clicks generated by the widget you have implemented in your blog into monetary value.

Note: The only accepted payment process is Paypal. You will be allowed to choose your ad placement e.g. First, last, mixed and you will be able to display up to 10 ads.

How to Become an Nrelate Ads Publisher

To become an Nrelate publisher, you must have an active account on the Nrelate partner site and you must have an existing Nrelate widget on your blog. (See how to install the Nrelate Widget on Blogger)
  • Login to your Nrelate Account.
  • GOTO Settings or click here.
  • Click on the settings link just below your blog icon
  • Scroll down to Advertising Settings group.
  • Check the box next to “Would you like to display ads?” and enter your Paypal email address (see image below).
  • Finally, scroll down and hit the save button.

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